Direct SFR ownership with less friction

Diversify your investment portfolio with real estate, the world’s largest asset class

Institutional advantages for individual investors

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Roofstock 360 puts you at the center of a custom-built single-family rental (SFR) real estate portfolio that benefits from the deep market insights and operational technology we’ve honed working with 9 of the top 10 institutional SFR investors in the U.S.

It’s modern single-family rental investing that eliminates much of the friction that individual investors experience when acquiring and managing a portfolio of SFR assets on their own.

Read on to discover how a tailored SFR portfolio can deliver long-term wealth preservation and compelling tax benefits without the volatility of the public markets.

Why SFR? Reliable returns with low volatility

As the world’s largest asset class, real estate and its enduring utility have historically yielded investment outcomes with less downside volatility than stocks and bonds.

During every economic downturn since 1987, single-family home values (as measured by the Case-Shiller Index*) have experienced shallower declines than the S&P 500. A comparison of monthly price/value changes from January 1987 through July 2022 illustrates this historical narrative:

Comparison chart of Case-Shiller index to the S&P 500

Global real estate all asset classes $300 trillion. U.S. housing market $40 trillion.

Analysis does not take into account cash flow/dividends and reflects past performance of prices/values only.

* S&P/Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index

Benefits of a custom-built SFR investment portfolio

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Personalized investment strategy

Geography, price range, and other key asset attributes are aligned to your unique risk tolerance, financial goals, and wealth preservation strategy

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Off-market acquisition sources

Trusted broker relationships and institutional-grade insights unlock compelling buying opportunities

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Significant tax-saving opportunities

Optimize your portfolio to offset passive income from other sources and shield capital gains via 1031 exchanges

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Property & asset management

Vertically integrated property and asset management teams deploy proprietary technology to optimize results

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Control over major decisions

With no lock-up period, major decisions related to buying, selling, and managing assets are all made at your discretion

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Investor-friendly fee structure

With no acquisition fees and competitive rates for property and asset management, we keep incentives well-aligned

Take the first step

Connect with an advisor to learn how we build SFR portfolios for the long run.

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SFR investing, evolved

Building an investment portfolio of SFRs has traditionally been a DIY endeavor that’s anything but passive. Roofstock tackled these challenges head-on and has successfully deployed $5 billion of institutional capital since 2015. That same platform is now available to individual real estate investors seeking the unique benefits of direct SFR ownership without the typical friction.

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Traditional SFR friction

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Put our experience to work for you

Using proprietary analytics and trusted relationships, our off-market sourcing team identifies opportunities for you in the same markets where institutions have found success over the past decade. As your investment portfolio grows, we’ll continue to partner with you to effectively manage a multi-market real estate portfolio aligned to your long-term goals.

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