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    Once you join our licensed broker referral program, you will be able to send invites to potential buyers of Roofstock properties and track client activity. You can access our marketplace to analyze and research properties for your clients.

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    To invite clients, you will have access to a customized link which you can include in client communications. Roofstock automatically associates your clients with your account if they register within 45 days of the clicking on the link. Roofstock will contact you when your client makes a qualifying investment.

  • Referral Fees

    You will earn 25% of Roofstock’s standard selling fee for your referral once your client’s purchase closes and if you have a valid real estate broker license and are eligible for the fee.

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Licensed Broker Referral Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. This Licensed Broker Referral Program (the “Program”) and all referrals of potential buyers to the Roofstock marketplace are subject to the following terms and conditions. This Program does not apply to referrals of sellers to the Roofstock platform; any referral program applicable to seller referrals, if any, will be subject to separate terms of another Roofstock program that will be separately posted on this website. The sole potential fee payable to referrers of potential buyers to the Roofstock website is as set forth in this Program.
  2. The referring person or entity must agree to the Roofstock Terms and Conditions and the referring person or entity agrees that all of the Roofstock Terms and Conditions apply to participants in this Program, including but not limited to the mandatory arbitration provisions and the Limitation of Liability sections therein.
  3. The referral fee is 25% of the standard Roofstock seller fee if a fee is received by Roofstock or a Roofstock affiliate at the closing of the subject property in exchange for serving as the real estate broker for the seller of the property. Roofstock’s standard seller fee is currently 2.5% of the closing price. Roofstock reserves the right to change its standard seller fee at any time or to waive this fee in its discretion, and the parties acknowledge that the standard seller fee may not apply with respect to bulk property purchases.  Without limitation, referring persons do not share in any marketplace fee payable by buyers to Roofstock or any other fees paid to Roofstock other than the standard seller fee.
  4. The referral fee is payable for up to the first 10 eligible property purchases made by the referred user through the Roofstock platform made within 2 years from the date of registration by the referred user.
  5. Referral fees will only be paid to licensed real estate brokers. Referral fees will only be paid when Roofstock acts as the sole seller’s broker and when there are no buyer’s brokerage fees paid out of the purchase price at closing.
  6. Roofstock will require the broker to verify its legal status prior to paying the referral fee. The referring broker will provide any and all information reasonably requested by Roofstock for its diligence as a condition for paying the fee, and all referring brokers must meet any quality or fitness requirements set by Roofstock from time to time.
  7. Referral fees will only be paid to the extent permitted by applicable laws.
  8. A referral is accepted only if the referred user is not already registered with Roofstock and registers within 45 days of first visiting the Roofstock website via the referral link.
  9. A user can only be associated with one referring broker, and a referred user may request that their broker association be terminated at any time. If a referred user has more than one broker association, Roofstock will recognize the broker first associated, subject to termination by the user.
  10. The referral fee shall be refunded by the referring broker to Roofstock (or, in the discretion of Roofstock, deducted from the next referral fee) if the referred user cancels his purchase and is entitled to a refund in accordance with the Roofstock Guarantee guidelines.
  11. Referring brokers shall only act as referrers of potential buyers under this Program. Referring brokers shall not provide real estate brokerage services to any party with respect to this Program.
  12. Roofstock also reserves the right to make changes to this Licensed Broker Referral Program from time to time by updating these terms and posting to the Roofstock website. Participants in the Program are required to check these Program terms regularly.