Funds Overview

Invest in a diversified portfolio of Single-Family Rental homes with a single investment - explore our fund marketplace!

HomeCap Total Return SFR Fund I

Fund Target Equity - $2 million
Raised - 100%
Maximize total return through a combination of current yield, rental growth and appreciation by investing in Single-Family Rental homes available on the Roofstock marketplace.
Target IRR
10% - 12%
Target Fund Assets
$5 million
Min Investment
The Fund is closed to new investments. See Fund Details >>

Benefits of Fund Investing

  • Participate in a portfolio of properties with a single investment
  • Professional selection and ongoing management of properties
  • Ongoing quarterly income distributions
  • Lower fees compared to other investment vehicles
  • Material tax benefits

Benefits of Funds on Roofstock

  • Independent Fund Managers with strong market knowledge
  • Unparalleled investment transparency, see all fund holdings
  • Every property and local property manager is certified by Roofstock
  • Fund administration, reporting and custodial services provided by Roofstock
  • Quarterly statements, annual tax statements and K1s