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Benefit from the upside potential of Single-Family Rentals. Roofstock’s marketplace of leased Single-Family Rental properties makes it easy to purchase and manage customized portfolios of certified, cash flowing homes within 1031 Exchange time limits.


Cash Flowing

100% of the homes have a tenant in
place so you don’t lose income


Institutional quality data and analytics combined with a full document vault



Due diligence is done up front with
inspection, valuation and more

What is a 1031 Exchange? 

A 1031 exchange allows you defer all your capital gain taxes when you sell a property if you reinvest
the proceeds in a new property or portfolio of properties, including Single-Family Rental homes.

Upside of Investing in Single-Family Rentals

Consistent Income – tenant longevity is longer for rental homes than for apartments
Strong Market Potential – growing demand for rental homes driven by Gen X and Millennials is outpacing increase in supply
Reduced Capital Ex – newer properties and no common areas result in lower maintenance costs
Tax Benefits – investing in portfolio of lower priced assets allows you to more exactly match your replacement value while resetting your depreciation schedule
Exit Flexibility – purchasing a block of SFR assets in an Exchange allows for the ability to sell a portion of the assets over time

Many Uses for SFR

  • Use a portfolio of rental homes for your entire replacement value
  • Bridge a valuation gap
  • Chose to sell an older, lower yielding multi-family building to opportunistically acquire a newer higher yield portfolio


partnersRoofstock has a network of certified partners to assist with every aspect of buying and holding your investment property including financing, insurance and local property management.


You can think of a portfolio of Single-Family Rentals as a virtual multifamily property with the benefit of diversification and the flexibility to make it exactly fit your 1031 Exchange needs. Contact us to create a portfolio that is sized and selected to meet your needs.

South Florida

High Yield & Appreciation Portfolio

  • Miami, Dade & Broward county homes
  • Leading Florida growth markets
  • High yield with upside price potential


Atlanta Metroplex

High Yield Portfolio

  • Fully leased, high gross yields
  • Leading national population and job growth market
  • Pricing is still 70% of 2007 peak values
Central Florida

Growth Portfolio

  • Blend of good yield and pricing potential
  • Smaller group of assets for potential exchange
  • Strong central Florida markets


Las Vegas

Quality High Growth Portfolio

  • High-quality assets in rebounding growth market
  • Mostly newer vintage assets
  • Large homes average 2,800 SF