Real Estate Agent & Broker Opportunities

Help your clients buy and sell leased rental homes more easily than ever.

More business, less heavy lifting.
Tap into the $4 trillion single-family rental market with Roofstock.

Sell faster

Expose your listings to a vast network of real estate investors in the U.S. and abroad.

Earn commission

Introduce your clients to Roofstock and earn a referral fee when they buy or sell. Easy.

Grow your business

Attract more buyers by giving them access to single-family rentals and portfolios nationwide.

Reduce busy work

No signs. No open houses. Transact 100% online. Roofstock streamlines the entire process.


  • When you refer a client that buys: You make the greater of $1,500 or 25% of the Roofstock 3.0% listing fee for every transaction that client performs on the platform for a period of 2 years.
  • When you list a property that sells: Roofstock only charges you 3.0% of the sale price at successful closing and fronts the costs to certify and market your listings to a global pool of investors. You retain the balance of whatever fee you've charged the seller.

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