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3bd, 2ba | 920 sqft | Built in 1965
Property Details: 624 Mays Ct, Orlando, FL 32805, Tarrant
Current Rent
Cap Rate
Total Return
$25,722/5 Yr
624 Mays Ct
Orlando, FL 32805
3bd, 2ba | 1,312 sqft | Built in 1973
Property Details: 5035 Applewood Dr, Memphis, TN 38118, Tarrant
Current Rent
Cap Rate
Total Return
$15,692/5 Yr
5035 Applewood Dr
Memphis, TN 38118
3bd, 1ba | 1,504 sqft | Built in 1962
Property Details: 3673 Celtic Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46235, Tarrant
Current Rent
Cap Rate
Total Return
$7,876/5 Yr
3673 Celtic Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46235

With Roofstock, you'll be on the leading edge of real estate investment. Leased, single-family home investment is a growing market. We give you access to properties across the country, that ramp up your returns from the first day of purchase. Our network of local property managers empower you to own cash-flowing properties hassle-free.

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  • Access to strong markets with quality rental homes
  • With financing, you can own a cash-flowing investment property for $20k down
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  • Properties undergo rigorous certification including onsite inspection, due diligence and valuation
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  • You'll be introduced to the best local property managers to take care of the day-to-day management of your property and tenants
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Why Invest In Single-Family Rentals

  • Own a tangible asset
  • Build long-term wealth
  • Buy with leverage
  • Tax benefits
  • Cash flow from day one
  • Passive income
  • Hedge on inflation
  • Diversify your investment portfolio
  • Uncorrelated to the stock market

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Each market has been carefully researched by Roofstock to ensure it has the characteristics that indicate strong potential. We study everything from the latest economic data and housing supply trends.

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