Higher Proceeds Without
the Headaches

Roofstock provides an unprecedented selling experience for Single-Family Rental investors

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Keeping a tenant in place is a win-win-win for sellers, buyers and tenants

  • Collect rental income through closing
  • Avoid the time and challenge of displacing tenants
  • Save the cost of renovating and staging

Actively market your properties to a dynamic network of investors

We create a custom plan to market and price your properties based on your objectives

Roofstock's network of institutions, large buyers, individuals and tenants is unparalleled

Our fees are transparent and less than half of what is charged by a traditional broker

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Roofstock Benefits Your Bottom Line

The traditional way of selling a rental property is expensive and time-consuming — taking months and costing as much as 10% in expenses and lost revenue. The Roofstock Marketplace allows you to earn rent through closing and has a fee of just 2.5%.

This is for illustration only and does not include taxes, HOA or other expenses.
  Roofstock Traditional
Closing Price $100,000 $100,000
Lost Rent N/A $3,600
Improvements and staging
$0.75 per sq ft
N/A $1,275
Brokerage Fees
5% of closing price
N/A $5,000
Roofstock Fee $2,500 N/A
Cost of Sale $2,500
Net Proceeds $97,500 $90,125
Benefit to Your Bottom Line $7,375  

Increase the net proceeds of your next Single-Family Rental sale

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Less work for you — from inception to close

Roofstock certifies every property, creates a unique 3D tour, and markets your property

Leave the busy work to us: we coordinate all buyer activities and provide our analysis and document vault

Roofstock uses multiple sources to determine proper valuation and pricing

Listing a property on the Roofstock Marketplace

  1. Listing Agreement
    • Roofstock does valuation of properties based on numerous sources
    • Listing Agreement is created containing agreed upon property value
    • Seller signs Listing Agreement
  2. Data Collection
    • Roofstock provides an online system for data collection
    • Seller provides:
      • Property details
      • Tenant info such as lease, payment history and credit check
      • Marketing photos and description
  3. Certification
    • Seller designates primary contact
    • Roofstock does the rest:
      • Manages the preliminary title search
      • Schedules and validates 3rd-party inspections
      • Reviews tenant information
      • Creates 3D Virtual Tour of the property
  4. Property Listed
    • Marketing commences based on your customized plan which may include:
      • Tenant purchase program
      • Listing on the Roofstock Marketplace
      • Outreach to large portfolio buyers
  5. Transaction
    • Roofstock handholds the entire closing process and assists buyer with procuring financing, insurance and property management
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