Ready to sell your rental property?

List your property on the Roofstock Marketplace to tap into our extensive network of global buyers who are specifically looking for single-family rentals.

Roofstock advantage

Roofstock is your exclusive broker, supporting you throughout the sales process, but you're always in control. You set the list price and can accept, negotiate, or decline an offer.

Global network of buyers

Unlike listing only to local buyers looking for a vacant property, Roofstock gives you access to buyers worldwide looking for investment properties.

Tenants can remain in place

With tenants in place, you won’t have to spend time and money staging and showing your home and you can earn rental income through closing.

Timely offers and low fees

The majority of homes sold through Roofstock receive an offer in 18 days,* and our fee is just 3% on the sale price. *Data reflects homes sold on our marketplace between 1/1/2021 and 12/31/2021.

Simplified, tech-forward process

Access to our proprietary data and institutional-level analytics helps you make informed decisions.

Want to close even faster?

With Roofstock Offers, you can request an all-cash offer and, if your property qualifies, close in as few as 10 days. Tenants in that property may remain in the property during the sales process so there's less friction for them and for you.

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What to expect

Below is an estimated timeline, though individual transactions may vary.

Listing agreement signed 1

Diligence (on average 10-20 days)

  • Seller submits documents
  • Roofstock takes photos of the property for marketing
  • Roofstock underwrites property
  • Roofstock requests preliminary title pull
  • Roofstock schedules an independent home inspection
    (if seller requests)

Listing published 2

Promote on Roofstock Marketplace (until in transaction, on average 3-18 days)

  • Property listed on marketplace
  • Seller is notified by email when an offer is made
  • Negotiation with buyer if needed

Offer accepted 3

Closing (on average 30 - 45 days)

  • Once offer is accepted, home goes into contract
  • Roofstock schedules an independent home inspection (if needed)
  • Prepare for close of escrow and receipt of funds

Transaction completed 4

Why people love selling through Roofstock

"Selling my rental property without displacing my tenants was very important to me. I had heard about Roofstock and thought I'd give it a try. The whole process was so much smoother, easier, and faster than I had anticipated… and my tenants were never disrupted."

Kelly S

Frequently asked questions

Listing your property for sale on Roofstock is completely free. If you sell your property, you'll pay a fee of either 3.0% of the sale price or $2,500, whichever is greater.
We're currently active in over 70 markets in 24 states and are expanding into new markets. Visit our markets page for a list of metro areas where we operate. If your property isn't located in one of the markets we support, let us know and our team will reach out with more details.
Properties are typically listed within 10 - 20 days. There's no need to stage for showing, disrupt tenants or pay out-of-pocket costs to prepare the property for listing.
You will determine the final list price for your property. To help make this decision easier, we'll give you an initial estimate, then work with you to develop a full valuation report that takes into account the condition of your home along with our proprietary data and market comparables. We'll work with you to help determine a proper valuation by sharing information about historical sales in the market and what list price is likely to sell.
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