Selling Your Rental Property Has Never Been Easier

Earn rental income through closing. Say goodbye to 6% commission fees.

Why Sell Your Rental Property with Roofstock?

Save time and money

Save on friction costs like lost rental income, staging, fixing up the house, and typical 6% commission fees—all of which can put a 12-14% dent in your bottom line.

Get your listing in front of the right audience

By selling through Roofstock, you're actively marketing your listing to a dynamic and unparalleled network of rental property investors both large and small.

Sell from the comfort of your home

Leave the busywork to Roofstock as we prepare your rental home for a quick and easy sale. From property certification to coordinating all buyer activities, we streamline the process.

Keep the tenants in place

The lease stays the same and tenants get to stay where they are. No property showing. No open houses. No realtor signs in the yard. A happy tenant helps the sale.

How to Sell Your Rental Property on Roofstock

  1. List your property

    See if your property qualifies for the Roofstock marketplace and get a valuation. After that comes the kickoff call and signing the listing agreement.

  2. Certify your property

    Increase the likelihood of selling your property by having our team certify it! Upload the necessary diligence documents to create your listing on our site.

  3. Market your property

    Your property goes live on Roofstock's exclusive online marketplace, complete with key metrics, a diligence vault, property highlights and more.

  4. Close the sale

    Sign closing documents, we’ll oversee the entire closing process and provide the buyer access to our preferred partners for financing, insurance and property management.

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