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Streamline your search for SFR (single-family rental) buyers. We get your listings in front of active buyers and investor-centric local agents to help ensure an efficient process.

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Direct to investors

A unique opportunity to list your qualified properties to our curated internal network of sophisticated and active institutional-level SFR investors.


Roofstock works directly with investors to clearly define their buy boxes, so we know what types of homes they are looking for.


Properties are often listed on our direct-to-investor platform less than 24 hours from when they are submitted and are displayed for 30 days.


Investors on this platform can review, underwrite, and submit offers directly through the site, with sellers paying a commission to the buyer’s agent in most cases.


Buyers, or their agents, will submit and negotiate offers directly with you.

Local agent referral program

If you prefer a more traditional process, we can connect you with a local, investor-centric agent, who can help you every step of the way.


Work with an agent in our network who knows the local market and works with you to sell your home through traditional channels like the MLS.


These agents are pre-vetted 3rd-party agents who understand your specific needs when selling investment homes.


We choose agents who have successfully worked with both buyers and sellers on investment transactions for 5+ years and on 50+ transactions.


Get introduced to an agent in our network who will quickly respond to you directly.

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Want to close even faster?

With Roofstock Offers, you can request an all-cash offer and, if your property qualifies, close in as few as 10 days. Tenants in that property may remain in the property during the sales process so there's less friction for them and for you.

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