Sell your rental property to a global network of investors. No showings or removing tenants.

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#1 marketplace for buying and selling investment properties
Keep tenants in place and earn rental income through closing
We'll take care of the busywork, start to finish
Only 3% commission fees

The easiest way to sell your investment property

Submit a listing 1

Enter your property information by answering a series of questions and uploading some great pics. You'll receive a free price estimate based on this information.

Roofstock Certification2

We perform up-front due diligence to prepare your listing for sale such as securing property inspection, ordering a preliminary title report and gathering key documents to give buyers the confidence to buy your property sight unseen.

Launch your listing 3

We'll create an attractive listing for your property, including all relevant details and documents, and publish your listing to hundreds of thousands of investors on the Roofstock Marketplace.

Receive offers and close 4

Manage your offers completely online. Once you accept a bid, we'll coordinate the entire closing process. Your transaction will generally be completed within a 30 day period after you sign the purchase and sale agreement.

See why people love selling through Roofstock

Saved an estimated $18K by selling on Roofstock

"Roofstock enables me to market specifically to people that would be potential buyers — and not only nationally, but internationally."

Nate P,
Financial Analyst, Denver, CO
2 properties sold in Indianapolis

Saved an estimated $33K by selling on Roofstock

"The most attractive feature to me is that I'm selling an occupied property. During the listing process I keep getting rent. With a fix and flip I have to eat up all the interest, utilities and staging costs."

Billy Tran,
Fix & Flipper, Dallas, TX
3 properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area (and more in the works!)

"Great option for sellers looking to get rid of their rental property with tenants in place and/or not wanting to leave it empty while selling. Roofstock also minimized the high cost of selling without the need for high commission costs."

N. Fiorito and S. Fiorito,
Medical device clinical specialist


1. How much does it cost to list my property on the Roofstock marketplace?Listing your property on Roofstock is completely free. If your property is sold, you'll pay a fee of either 3.0% of the sale price or $2,500, whichever is greater.

2. Which states or metro areas are supported?We're currently active in over 70 markets in 24 states and are expanding into new markets. Visit our markets page for a list of metro areas where we operate. If your property isn't located in one of the markets we support, let us know and our team will reach out with more details.

3. How long does it take to get my property listed?Properties are typically listed within 10 - 20 days. There's no need to stage for showing, disrupt tenants or pay out-of-pocket costs to prepare the property for listing.

4. Who determines the list price?You will determine the final list price for your property. To help make this decision easier, we'll give you an initial estimate, then you'll work with our team of Account Executives to develop a full valuation report that takes into account the condition of your home along with our proprietary data and market comparables. We'll work with you to help determine a proper valuation by sharing information about historical sales in the market and what list price is likely to sell.

5. What is Open House on the Roofstock Marketplace?Roofstock Open House is a virtual open house period in which your property will be featured at the top of the Roofstock Marketplace and can expect to get high traffic and visibility. Buyers can submit offers during the first 24 hours. At the end of the Open House, you will have 24 hours to respond to any offers, so be ready to act fast. Open House is a great opportunity to quickly market and sell your property, so make sure your listing is updated with attractive interior pictures and set a competitive listing price.