1112 Seider Ln

Grand Prairie, TX 75052

4 bd, 2 ba | 1,935 sqft | Built in 2007

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  • Attractive and steady five year current market appreciation
  • Located in a highly raked neighborhood
  • Near schools
  • Seller is working on repairing the below items from inspection report making this an ideal property for a new or seasoned investor:
(1) Exterior Walls: Set cracks observed in the brick and mortar at multiple locations which can allow for water intrusion. Recommend evaluation and repairs by a qualified professional. (Health)
(2) Structural: Set cracks observed in the brick and mortar at multiple locations including exposed post tension cable ends at the foundation walls. Corner cracks were found at the foundation slab. Client also noted the living room had a leak coming from the back side of the house’s foundation to the inside. Recommend evaluation and any necessary repairs by a qualified foundation contractor. (Safety)
(3) Bathrooms: The primary bathroom toilet had a slow drain indicating a possible clog. Recommend evaluation and repairs by a qualified plumber. (Health)
(4) Reinspection Electrical: Per inspector, electrical panel access was blocked off by storage. Recommend reinspection once access is available. (Reinspection needed)
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