5662 Wilborn Dr

Saint Louis, MO 63136

2 bd, 2 ba | 1,536 sqft | Built in 1960

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  • Great property type for Investors
  • Strong cap rate at market rent
  • Easy access to highway
  • Home is locate near shopping center and schools
  • Property does not currently have functioning water in both units due to water pipes being damaged and removed caused by a break in. Utilities were not on at the time of inspection. Please review the inspection report that is available in the Analysis tab on the listing
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Open House is a 24-hour period that allows you to make an offer and start negotiating early. This is a new or previously listed property on the marketplace that has been listed while the certification process is being completed. When you make an offer, the seller will respond within 24 hours of the Open House period ending.
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