1015 New St Salisbury, NC 28144
4bd, 2ba | 1,716sqft | Built in 1910
Inspection Contingency 
An inspection contingency may be requested on this property and Roofstock will schedule it once the contract is signed. Please see the diligence vault for any prior inspection report.
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  • Property Valuation:
    $79,000 - $120,000
  • Estimated Market Rent: $995
  • Inspection Report:
    Inspection: Interior & Exterior
    Estimated Repairs: $1,575
  • Title: Clearance at Closing
  • Lease Started
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  • HOA
  • Flood Risk
    Not Required
    Flood insurance policy is not required. For additional information click here.
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Initial Investment
This is the estimated amount of capital needed to purchase the property. This amount includes: your down payment, loan & acquisition fees, and closing costs.

Down Payment: $26,500
Closing Costs: $2,650
Immediate Repair Costs: $1,575
  • Current Rent | Market Rent
    Rent currently being paid for this property. To view Market Rent based on third party rent forecasts for this property, select Market Rent from the menu at the top.
  • Appreciation
    Annual appreciation percentage is adjusted based on the selection in Financial Details section.
  • Cap Rate | Gross Yield
    Capitalization rate is the percentage return calculated by dividing net operating cash flow in Year 1 by the property purchase price. Your net operating cash flow excludes your loan costs.
  • Cash Flow | Cash on Cash
    First year net cash flow received after all operating expenses, capital expenditures, property taxes and debt payments. Assuming 5% vacancy and debt payments based on the lending assumptions selected.
Est. Total Cash Return
Is the sum of your estimated (i) annual net operating cash flows over 5 years plus (ii) property net sale proceeds minus your initial investment and outstanding loan balance.
in 5 Years
A measure of annualized net return on an equity investment. Equals the discount rate at which the sum of the present value of all cash flows is zero. Calculation is based on actual and budgeted values.
in 5 Years
Tentative Price: $106,000
Adjust the proposed purchase price to see impact on the financial metrics.
Down Payment
Portion of the property price at the time of purchase when using leverage, or full purchase price when buy all cash.
Loan Interest Rate
The loan interest rate of 4.625% is based on 75% or lower loan to home value for a 30 year loan.

Estimated Total Gain
Is the cumulative sum of your estimated (i) annual net operating cash flows, (ii) property appreciation, and (iii) equity balance increase (excluding your initial investment) at a point in time. Unlike the Estimated Total Cash Return, Total Gain does not assume asset disposition and is only representative of potential gain during the holding period.

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