4224 Walsh St

Saint Louis, MO 63116

2 bd, 2 ba | 1,025 sqft | Built in 1922

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  • Great property style for SFR investors
  • Solid Cap Rate
  • The property has 2 primary main level bedrooms and bonus bedroom in basement. Also 2 full baths. 1 upstairs and one lower level
  • Inspection report available to buyer in the analysis tab
  • Seller is still gathering estimates on repair items listed below per the inspection report and is open to negotiate repairs along with certifying the property
  • (1) Surroundings: The cap stones at the top of the front porch are loose. These could cause injury if they were to fall. Recommend repairs.
  • (2) Exterior: The brick at the rear of the home (under the porch) is loose and cracked. The fascia and soffit on the left side of the home is damaged /weathered. It appeared that pests were entering the attic through the damaged wood. The lower rear door does not appear to have a drain. Water is causing damage to the door and brick mold. Recommend repairs.
  • (3) Roof: Some of the shingles and fascia are damaged. Recommend repairs.
  • (4) Garage: The siding and soffit is damaged, and window is missing. Recommend repairs.
  • (5) Kitchen: The water would not get hot at the kitchen sink. Repairs may be needed to the plumbing. Recommend repairing.
  • (6) Bathroom 1: There was a sewer clog, and a drain cleaner was onsite at the time of inspection. The window was cracked. Recommend repairs.
  • (7) HVAC: The emergency safety switch for the furnace did not work and the unit was corroded on the inside indicating the need for repairs. Recommend evaluation and repairs.
  • (8) Basement: Mold like substance and efflorescence are present in basement. Mold like substance near water heater. Recommend microbial remediation. There were some minor stains on the foundation walls indicating previous leak. Recommend waterproofing basement walls.
  • (9) Plumbing: The water heater is dented at the top, the flue has a clean out that doesn't appear to be properly capped, there is some charring near the gas valve, and the plastic rings around the intake and output lines are melted indicating poor ventilation. Hot water wasn’t functioning at kitchen sink. Recommend repairing or replacing the water heater.
Review inspection report for deferred maintenances.
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