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Rent Payment Guarantee
Have peace of mind and consistent cash flow with the Roofstock Rent Payment Guarantee. These vacant properties come with up to 12 continuous months of guaranteed rent payments from Roofstock, giving you and your property manager time to select the right tenant. Terms and conditions apply, see property pages for details.
  • Count on guaranteed rent for the entire first year
  • Your new property manager will help you find the right tenant, we’ll pay your rent in the meantime
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4bd, 1.5ba | 1,400sqft | Built in 1977
Roofstock Certified 
The Roofstock Certification Process:
  1. Unless the home is subject to an inspection contingency, a current property inspection conducted by an experienced inspection firm
  2. Property valuation and rental market analysis to ensure properties are priced fairly
  3. An estimate of the cost of certain major repairs and "turn" costs
  4. Preliminary title report with no uninsurable encumbrances or liens and preliminary title commitments, where applicable
  5. Review and summarize key lease terms including monthly rent, lease-end date, security deposit, and utility responsibility
  6. Review tenant payment history
  7. Certified property managers, vetted by Roofstock, that are experts in the local area
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  • Property Valuation:
    $180,000 - $198,000
  • Estimated Market Rent: $1,550
  • Inspection Report:
    Inspection: Interior & Exterior
    Estimated Repairs: $460
  • Title: Clear
  • Lease Started
  • Lease Ends
  • Rent Status
  • Lot Size
  • HOA
  • Flood Risk
    Not Required
    Flood insurance policy is not required. For additional information click here.
Rent Guaranteed

Certified Property Managers

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Initial Investment
This is the estimated amount of capital needed to purchase the property. This amount includes: your down payment, loan & acquisition fees, closing costs and immediate repair costs.

Down Payment: $48,750
Closing Costs: $4,875
Immediate Repair Costs: $460
  • Prior Rent | Market Rent
    Market rent is based on third party rent forecasts for this property. To view current rent, select Current Rent from the menu at the top.
  • Appreciation
    Annual appreciation percentage is adjusted based on the selection in Financial Details section.
  • Cap Rate | Gross Yield
    Capitalization rate is the percentage return calculated by dividing net operating cash flow in Year 1 by the property purchase price. Your net operating cash flow excludes your loan costs.
  • Cash Flow | Cash on Cash
    First year net cash flow received after all operating expenses, capital expenditures, property taxes and debt payments. Assuming 5% vacancy and debt payments based on the lending assumptions selected.
Est. Total Cash Return
Is the sum of your estimated (i) annual net operating cash flows over 5 years plus (ii) property net sale proceeds minus your initial investment and outstanding loan balance.
in 5 Years
A measure of annualized net return on an equity investment. Equals the discount rate at which the sum of the present value of all cash flows is zero. Calculation is based on actual and budgeted values.
in 5 Years
Calculation will trigger automatically when price entered is greater than 50% of the list price.
List Price: $195,000
Adjust the proposed purchase price to see impact on the financial metrics.
Down Payment
Portion of the property price at the time of purchase when using leverage, or full purchase price when buy all cash.
Loan Interest Rate
The loan interest rate of 4.750% is based on 75% or lower loan to home value for a 30 year loan.

Estimated Total Gain
Is the cumulative sum of your estimated (i) annual net operating cash flows, (ii) property appreciation, and (iii) equity balance increase (excluding your initial investment) at a point in time. Unlike the Estimated Total Cash Return, Total Gain does not assume asset disposition and is only representative of potential gain during the holding period.

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Rent Guarantee Program Summary

Enjoy immediate cash flow while reducing leasing risk. This vacant property comes with up to 12 continuous months of guaranteed rent payments from Roofstock, giving you and your property manager time to select the right tenant. Roofstock will also pay your property manager’s initial leasing fee.

How you benefits

  • Count on steady rental income for the first year of ownership
  • Choose your own tenant
  • No upfront tenant placement costs to you

Terms and Conditions

  • You must use a Roofstock certified property manager during the term of the guarantee.
  • The guaranteed rent paid by Roofstock will equal 90% of the estimated market rent at the time of closing, as determined by your property manager.
  • This guarantee is non-transferable.
  • The guarantee starts on the first full calendar month following the closing of the sale of the property.
  • This guarantee will end at the earlier of: (1) when the property is initially leased by your property manager and the tenant moves into the property or (2) 12 months from the first day of the first full calendar month following the closing of the property.
  • Roofstock may terminate this offer at any time.

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