The Roofstock Marketplace

Yes. As soon as there is an accepted offer on a property, it is removed from the marketplace and no longer available for another buyer to submit an offer. 

The Roofstock Marketplace offers two types of listings to meet the varying needs of our investors, and no matter which listing you purchase, every home is covered by our industry-leading Roofstock Guarantee <link to RSG>. Roofstock Exclusive properties are listed directly from the seller and are exclusive to the Roofstock Marketplace. Roofstock Select properties have been curated from public channels, such as the MLS, and identified as homes with strong investment potential, often as they hit the market. 

Roofstock Exclusive 

  • This property is available only through the Roofstock Marketplace and lets you "buy it now" at the list price.
  • The home will have completed a comprehensive inspection (unless otherwise indicated), title search and other diligence documents, all of which are available in the Diligence Documents (under the Analysis tab) to review. 
  • Your offer will have an inspection contingency if the latest inspection report is more than 4 months old. Please note that if you decide to order another inspection, you will need to pay for those inspection services.
  • Roofstock Realty LLC (or a Roofstock-affiliated broker) represents the seller in these transactions.

Roofstock Select 

  • This property was curated for its potential as being attractive investment opportunity from a public listing source such as the MLS.
  • You will be represented in the transaction by a Roofstock-affiliated real estate agent who is an expert in investment properties and the local market. 
  • Your offer will have an inspection contingency which allows you to obtain a home inspection during closing to review the home's condition.

A: We offer an industry-leading guarantee that allows you to invest with confidence, regardless of whether the home is leased or vacant.

30-Day Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your purchase and the home passed a Roofstock-approved inspection prior to closing, contact us within 30 days of closing and we’ll start the refund process. 

Rent Guarantee: Enjoy guaranteed rent on vacant properties starting 45 days after the home is rent-ready. You must work with a Rent Guarantee-eligible Preferred Property Manager and the home must have passed a Roofstock-approved inspection prior to closing. Plus you will pay no monthly management fees until your property is leased. 

View details on our Roofstock Guarantee page. Note: Terms & Conditions apply.  

Within 45-days of closing, vacant properties must be made rent-ready (as determined by a Preferred Property Manager) in order to qualify for guaranteed rent under the Roofstock Guarantee. “Rent-ready” refers to the conditions required to achieve a predetermined market rent rate and a qualified tenant is able to move in to the property. All homes must be renovated in accordance with applicable health and safety standards and local building codes (in terms of structural integrity and operational systems). Depending on the home and market, improvements may include new or renovated flooring, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, paint and landscaping.  

New properties are being added to the site daily, so check back often or sign up to receive new listing alerts that meet your investment parameters. To be notified as soon as new listings hit the Roofstock marketplace, be sure to choose “be notified immediately” in your preferences when you sign up.