100 Grande View Cir MAYLENE, AL 35114
4bd, 3ba | 1,802sqft | Built in 2016
Initial Investment
List Price: $241,000
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Property Management Options
  • 205-824-5008
    2084 Valleydale Rd
    Birmingham, AL 335244
    Alabama Rental Managers       
    • Current
    Property Management Fee:
    10% of Monthly Rent Collected
    Leasing Fee:
    100% of First Month’s Rent
    Renewal Leasing Fee:
    Maintenance Fee:
    Property Setup Fee:
    Marketing Fee:
    Project Management Fee:
    Service not offered at this time
    Our goal as your property manager is to MAXIMIZE PROFITS, by striving to rent your property at the highest rate attainable as well as MINIMIZE EXPENSES by effectively managing your home. Not only do we seek to find QUALIFIED TENANTS to lease your property and PAY RENT ON TIME each month, we also focus on an overlooked aspect of property management: MAINTAINING YOUR PROPERTY.
  • 205-682-9106
    8841 Helena Rd
    Pelham, AL 35124
    AHI Properties
    Property Management Fee:
    8% of monthly rent collected
    Leasing Fee:
    65% of first month's rent
    Renewal Leasing Fee:
    30% of first month's rent
    Maintenance Fee:
    Property Setup Fee:
    Marketing Fee:
    Project Management Fee:
    10% of total project cost
    AHI Properties has been opening doors all over Alabama for over a decade. We have helped thousands of families make the transition to a new home and a new hometown. We're able to guide you one step at a time through each process. By providing all the services you need under one roof, AHI Properties can make moving a little less stressful. Whether you are looking for homes for rent, a professional property manager for your rental home, commercial property, or looking for a home to buy - call AHI. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of real estate professionals will help along the way.
  • (205) 940-6363 Ext. 3
    1701 Oxmoor Road
    Birmingham, AL 35209
    Property Management Fee:
    8% of monthly rent collected
    Leasing Fee:
    50% of first month’s rent
    Renewal Leasing Fee:
    $150 flat fee
    Maintenance Fee:
    10% of total project cost
    Property Setup Fee:
    Marketing Fee:
    Project Management Fee:
    Time + Cost of Materials
    gkhouses currently has locations in Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Little Rock. We specialize in single-family houses and currently manage over 1,700 houses for about 1,100 different investors and homeowners. Our clients range from real estate funds to investors in single-family homes to homeowners who need to rent their home for one reason or another. We have found that our clients trust us primarily for these three reasons: 1. We don't hire property managers. 2. We communicate using uncomfortable transparency. 3. We celebrate the tenant.
  • (205) 982-5647
    490 Wildwood Circle
    STE 170, AL 35209
    Decas Group, LLC
    Property Management Fee:
    10% of Monthly Rent Collected
    Leasing Fee:
    50% of First Month’s Rent
    Renewal Leasing Fee:
    $150 (lease addendum/physical inspection)
    Maintenance Fee:
    10% of Project Cost
    Property Setup Fee:
    $75 per Property
    Marketing Fee:
    Project Management Fee:
    Decas Group advocates for tenants and owners by providing quality rental homes and maximizing the return on investments.
  • Tips for Self Managing Properties
    You’ve invested in a Rental Property, and are thinking about managing the property yourself? Here are the items you need to be aware of: Renting, Operating, Risk Management
    Self manage / Other
    • Get property ready
    • Advertise
    • Show the property
    • Applicant screening
    • Move in tenants

    • Collect rent
    • Repair requests
    • Home inspections
    • Move out process

    Risk Management
    • Fair housing
    • Insurance liability
    • Property damage
    • Habitability issues
    • Legal costs
Property Characteristics
  • Inspection Contingency
    What is it?
    This option lets the buyer specify that the home be inspected within a specific time period, during which the buyer can negotiate price or repairs based on the inspector’s findings or cancel the contract. Prior inspection reports may be available in the diligence documents. In some instances, the property has an inspection report from more than 4 months ago and needs an updated inspection.
    • The seller may be more willing to negotiate with a buyer in contract.
    • Opportunity to negotiate a lower price or repairs if any issues are discovered during the inspection process.
    • Ability to have the earnest money deposit refunded if the transaction is cancelled before the inspection contingency termination date.
    How it Works
    • Roofstock can refer you to our certified property manager to help you understand the property report and next steps.
    • After the purchase agreement is signed, the buyer has 20 days from the date of the contract to hire a home inspector and conduct any negotiations with the seller if necessary. The home inspection typically costs $300-$500 and is paid by the buyer and includes instances where the inspection report is more than 4 months old. If the inspection is current and buyers are using a Roofstock inspector, inspection would be free of charge.
    • Once the buyer receives the inspection report containing details on the home’s condition and potential issues, the buyer can (1) remove the inspection contingency and continue with the closing process, (2) negotiate different terms with the seller based on the report findings, or (3) in extreme circumstances, terminate the purchase agreement and get their earnest money deposit back.
    • Any negotiation or termination must happen within the time period specified in the purchase agreement, unless otherwise agreed upon between buyer and seller.
    The inspection contingency contains a termination date which the buyer must adhere to. The buyer must have the inspection completed, review the report and negotiate with the seller on the next steps within this agreed upon timeframe. If the termination date passes and the buyer has not terminated the agreement or come to an agreement with the seller, the buyer must continue based on the terms in the initial purchase agreement.
  • Roofstock Guarantee
    What is it?
    Our industry-leading guarantee allows you to invest with total confidence, regardless of whether the home is leased or vacant.
    • All properties come with our 30-day money back guarantee
    • Enjoy guaranteed rent on vacant, rent-ready properties starting 45 days after closing. Plus, you will also pay no monthly management fees until your property is leased.
    • This offer applies to all single-family properties and excludes duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.
Investment Terms
Purchase Price of $241,000 has been established by the Seller and it reflects the price at which Seller is willing to transact. If this property accepts offers, then please submit a reasonable offer for consideration.

Marketplace Fee of $1,205 must be paid to secure your investment property, remove it from the marketplace and initiate the purchase process.If your offer has a contingency and you cancel before the contingency termination date, the Marketplace fee will be refunded. It is non-refundable in all other cases.

Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA): A PSA will be delivered electronically promptly following payment of the Marketplace Fee and must be executed by Buyer within 24 hours of receipt.

Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of $1,500 must be wired to the Title Company within 3 days of PSA signing.

Appraisal Contingency is available for financed properties, and will be waived automatically if the property appraises for the sale price. If it does not appraise for the sale price, then the Buyer and Seller will have the opportunity to come to terms or the Buyer can cancel the contract.

Closing Date: The Closing Date will occur within 15 days of PSA execution for cash transactions and 30 days of PSA execution for financing unless otherwise agreed by Buyer and Seller

Lease Agreement: The current lease agreement will be provided to Buyer at Closing.

Closing Costs: Closing costs shall be paid based on local custom, and will include discounts negotiated by Roofstock to lower transaction costs for Buyers and Sellers. An estimate of closing costs is provided in the Diligence Vault and actual closing costs will be outlined on the final settlement statement.

Title and Settlement Provider: Roofstock's standard closing process includes preferred partners who act as the title and escrow agent for this property. Our preferred partners have agreed to provide discounted escrow and settlement services to purchasers of properties via the Roofstock marketplace to lower your investment costs. If you would like to use a different provider for these services, please contact us.

Listing Broker: Retail Specialists, LLC

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