Single-family rental (SFR) opportunities await

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A single platform for high-volume and institutional investors to buy, manage, and sell single-family rentals

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An all-new way to invest in single-family rentals
  • Buy shares of SFRs that track to portfolio performance

  • Fully managed by Roofstock

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Simplified money management for your entire rental portfolio
  • Automated income and expense tracking and tax prep

  • Integrated banking and online rent collection

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  • Find out how successful investors got started

  • Get tips, local market intel, and a range of perspectives

Don't just take our word for it

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I've never been to Memphis, we've never seen (the property we bought on Roofstock). It appraised for $30k more than we bought it for before it even closed. Our renters have been great, we're cash flowing every month... it's just been wonderful.
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Michael P.
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Why single-family rentals (SFR)?

Roofstock gives you an easier way to add this valuable asset class to your portfolio and long-term strategy.

SFR market
Current SFRs in U.S.
New rental households by 2030

Sources: Freddie Mac, 2019 | Urban Institute, October 2015