About Roofstock

Innovation Built on Experience

The Single-Family Rental sector has stuck to the old way of doing things for far too long – it’s an industry ripe for disruption. Roofstock is leading the way.

Roofstock is the first online marketplace created exclusively for investing in leased Single-Family Rental homes that generate cash flow day one. Created by investors for investors, Roofstock provides research, analytics, and insights to evaluate and purchase independently certified properties.

Roofstock turns the old way of investing on its head, bringing transparency and efficiency to create a better way to transact. Buyers access vetted homes with current cash flow. Sellers market homes without lost income or disrupting tenants. Neighborhoods avoid signs in yards which could depress values. It’s win-win all around.

The most revolutionary aspect of the Roofstock marketplace is enabling investors to treat their real estate investments more like stock portfolios, focusing on asset allocation, rather than dealing with the hassles of researching and buying vacant homes that need to be repaired and leased. This creates significant time and cost savings for all parties.

The leadership team at Roofstock brings together some of the top players from the Single-Family Rental industry under one “roof” (pun intended), including a top principal investor, the CEO of one of the largest public Single-Family Rental companies, the leading investment banker in the space and one of the sector’s most active financiers. Add some of Silicon Valley’s top tech talent and investors, and you have Roofstock!

Our Leadership Team

GaBeasley Gary Beasley CEO & Co-Founder

Gary Beasley, CEO & Co-Founder

Gary has spent most of his career building businesses in the real estate, hospitality and tech sectors. After earning his BA in economics from Northwestern, Gary ventured west to earn his MBA from Stanford, where he caught the entrepreneurial bug and still serves as a regular guest lecturer. Previously Gary was instrumental in acquiring and integrating more than $800 million of resort properties for KSL Resorts, and spent five years as CFO of online brokerage pioneer ZipRealty, which he led through its successful IPO in 2004. Gary also served as CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, then the second largest boutique hotel management company in the country. Immediately before starting Roofstock, Gary led one of the largest single-family rental platforms in the U.S. through its IPO as co-CEO of Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust, now part of Colony Starwood Homes. In addition to striving to build great companies, he enjoys skiing with his family, running with his golden retriever (and office mascot) Bode, and trying not to break any bones while mountain biking.

GWatson Gregor Watson Chairman & Co-Founder

Gregor Watson, Chairman & Co-Founder

Gregor is a serial real estate and technology entrepreneur who has founded multiple enterprises. He is a founding member of 1 Sharpe Capital and is the Chairman of 643 Capital Management, which is a co-owner of Streetlane Homes—a top 10 owner of single-family rental homes in the US. In addition to serving as a board member at Streetlane, Gregor currently ​serves as​ chairman of Roofstock, ​overseeing the platform’s development and strategy as well as the company's expansion efforts in domestic and international markets. Prior to co-founding Roofstock, ​Gregor​ built and sold Dwell Finance, the largest national bridge lender at the time.

Rich Ford - Roofstock Chief Development Officer Rich Ford Chief Development Officer & Co-Founder

Rich Ford, Chief Development Officer & Co-Founder

A recovering investment banker, Rich deserves the Single-Family Rental Lifetime Achievement Award... for being one of the first to embrace the Single-Family Rental sector as an institutional asset class during his time at Jefferies. Having previously spent time at Lehman and Bank of America, Rich is embracing startup life and only wonders why he waited this long to dive in! Being Canadian, of course Rich put himself through college rappelling out of helicopters to fight forest fires. Don’t they all?

DWade Devin Wade VP Strategic Initiatives & Co-Founder

Devin Wade, VP Strategic Initiatives & Co-Founder

Devin has been leading the strategic efforts at Roofstock from the time our company was a mere idea, and brings a wealth of startup experience and passion for what we are building. He also has more interesting hats and pairs of sneakers than the entire rest of the team combined!

jason-altieri Jason Altieri Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Jason Altieri, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Jason brings extensive legal expertise in the fintech sector to Roofstock, having previously served as General Counsel at Lending Club, which he helped take public in 2014. His work at Lending Club earned him the title of Best Corporate Counsel, Private Companies by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and San Francisco Business Times in 2014. When he’s not jumping into crazy new business models and driving explosive growth, he loves to spend time hiking and snowshoeing in the Lakes Basin region.

MHalstead Mark Halstead Chief Technology Officer

Mark Halstead, Chief Technology Officer

Mark has been CTO of numerous start-ups and prides himself with being platform agnostic, as evidenced by his stints at firms as diverse as Apple, Microsoft, Ingenio and Coveroo. Mark is legendary for his “Good Will Hunting” moment when he solved a complex problem on the white board during his interview process that our guys were trying to figure out. Our resident Kiwi, rumor has it that Mark has been quietly lobbying to trade out office mascot Bode for a sheep to make him feel more at home.

AAkhouri Amit Akhouri VP Product & Engineering

Amit Akhouri, VP Product & Engineering

In addition to leading crack engineering teams at Ingenio, YP.com and AT&T Interactive, Amit has significant experience in product and general management as well. Very simply, Amit gets things done…which is a very useful trait in a VP of Engineering. For reasons lost on Amit since he has yet to see the movie Transformers, many of his friends call him Optimus Prime. He does however find time to keep up on the latest Bollywood movies.

PKidwell Paul Kidwell VP R&D

Paul Kidwell, VP R&D

Prior to joining Roofstock, Paul was leading the Applied Statistics Group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and building models to value Single-Family Rental investments in his spare time. When presented the opportunity to blend his vocation with his avocation, Roofstock was a no-brainer. When Paul's not thinking about Single-Family Rental market he spends a lot of his time in the pool, during the summer months competing in Northern California's open water swimming circuit.

erik-nakamura Erik Nakamura VP Finance

Erik Nakamura, VP Finance

Erik is a dynamic and inspiring finance executive known for a mentoring approach to building successful, cohesive finance teams from the ground up with superior operational excellence. Over the past 17 years he has gained expertise across the tech, real estate, manufacturing, medical device, and service/entertainment industries. Most recently, Erik was a partner in his own consulting business. In his downtime, he loves coaching his four sons in both basketball and baseball (yes, he has four sons!).

Our Advisory Services Team

ZEvanish Zach Evanish Director of Client Advisory Services

Zach Evanish, Director of Client Advisory Services

Prior to joining Roofstock as one of our first team members, Zach was an Investment Director at Starwood Waypoint where he oversaw the purchase of over 1,000 Single-Family Rental homes. When not doing his best Boris Becker impersonation on the ping pong court in the home office, Zach spends his time in the field, interfacing with property owners, managers and our certification partners. He is also office dog Bode's best friend because of their mutual love of beef jerky.

ada-phang-crop Ada Phang Head of International Sales & Strategy

Ada Phang, Head of International Sales & Strategy

Ada joined Roofstock from Goldman Sachs, where she worked with individuals and families to develop wealth and investment strategies as a Private Wealth Advisor. Prior to that, she led HSBC's Private Bank team in New York that focused on Asian markets, advising clients on investment and lending solutions, with keen attention to cross-border tax and estate issues. Always in search of a better life for her dog, she recently moved to San Francisco to enjoy more days at the dog park. A native New Yorker, her goal is to get everyone in the office to pronounce "coffee" the right way (it's "cawfee").

brent-long-crop Brent Long Head of Multi-Asset Strategy

Brent Long, Head of Multi-Asset Strategy

Brent Long has more than 25 years experience in the multifamily real estate industry with roles spanning brokerage and real estate technology. Immediately before Roofstock, Brent was president of Berkadia Investment Sales, a nationwide apartment investment sales platform with 2015 sales in excess of $5.5B. The company was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkadia, a joint venture between Berkshire Hathaway and Leucadia. Prior to being acquired by Berkadia in 2012, Brent was president of Hendricks & Partners, a boutique investment sale advisor that grew from 3 to more than 38 offices, coast to coast. Before Hendricks, Brent was a leading apartment investment sales producer for 9 years with CBRE and was also the founder of Worqsmart, a commercial real estate technology venture.

matt-mullin Matt Mullin Director of Broker Services

Matt Mullin, Director of Broker Services

With over 14 years of experience running his own real estate brokerage, as part of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Matt is a seasoned real estate veteran. He brings his knowledge of the real estate landscape to help engage the broker community with the Roofstock platform. Matt is a proud soccer Dad to his three children, and has a healthy competitive streak of his own on the basketball court or the office ping pong table.

Nick Roman Client Advisor

Nick Roman, Client Advisor

Prior to joining Roofstock, Nick spent two years helping homeowners make the switch to renewable energy. With a background in customer oriented positions, he is helping to make the Roofstock experience as smooth as possible. A San Francisco native, Nick enjoys attending many Giants, Warriors and Niners games, as well as shooting well over par at the Golden Gate Park Golf Course.

jonathan-heaton Jonathan Heaton Client Advisor

Jonathan Heaton, Client Advisor

Jonathan joins the Advisory Services Team with an extensive background in commercial real estate that includes specific expertise in mortgage banking, loan origination, leasing and investment sales. Prior to joining Roofstock, he served as VP of Loan Originations at Plum Lending, a startup CRE fintech lender in the Bay Area. Outside of the office, Jonathan enjoys spending family time with his wife and three daughters, and you can often find him outdoors enjoying a mix of skiing, fishing, and playing golf.

madeleine-shields Madeleine Shields Client Advisor

Madeleine Shields, Client Advisor

Madeleine brings experience to the team from her time at LendingHome where she helped mortgage brokers across the country close loans more efficiently for their clients. As a graduate of San Francisco State University, she has an expansive knowledge of the city and enjoys skating through the rolling endless hills of the city’s Sunset district in her free time.

lweiss Lizzy Weiss Director of Client Services

Lizzy Weiss, Director of Client Services

Lizzy brings over 20 years of customer service and training experience, and was most recently running a client services team for the largest online commercial real estate listing service. Lizzy started her career in customer service on the phone fixing people’s problems, and while she loves managing teams you can still find her on the phone solving problems for people. She notes however that her most difficult customers are her three very active children!

marissa-nicholson-crop Marissa Nicholson Client Success Representatitive

Marissa Nicholson, Client Success Representatitive

Prior to joining Roofstock, Marissa worked as a Show Manager at a local university and a Marketing Associate at a start-up based in Boston. She brings her background in account management and her ability to tackle a multitude of projects to helping make the Roofstock customer experience as seamless as possible. When not in the office, Marissa is often hopping between cities (and continents) to visit her far-reaching family across San Diego, Michigan, Boston, Barcelona, and the UK.

Chris Willard - Roofstock - Business Development Associate Chris Willard Business Development Associate

Chris Willard, Business Development Associate

Prior to joining Roofstock, Chris was an asset manager with Colony Starwood Homes, responsible for asset management oversight of the company’s SFR portfolio of over 6,000 assets in California. Prior to his asset management role, he managed all investment activity in Southern California for Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust, where he was responsible for the acquisition and disposition of over 750 homes. Chris will neither confirm nor deny rumors that he will play a young Anthony Michael Hall in the much anticipated remake of The Breakfast Club.

simone-nelsen Simone Nelsen Business Development Analyst

Simone Nelsen, Business Development Analyst

Simone brings experience as a financial analyst to the Roofstock team, having previously interned at a London tech start-up, and before that for the UK Government’s Tech Initiative and Incubator Program. With a background in technology and an enthusiasm for real estate, Simone is thrilled to combine her two passions. You can find this former ski instructor shredding moguls in Park City or in the saddle with prancing horses as the former captain of the Stanford Dressage Team.

Our Team of Experts

TSchneider1 Tom Schneider Director of Operations

Tom Schneider, Director of Operations

Prior to joining Roofstock, Tom was the Senior Director of Product Management at Starwood Waypoint where he led the software development and support team for Acquisitions, Construction, Leasing, Property Management and Dispositions. A prolific hobbyist, he enjoys tennis, golf, home-brewing, skiing, guitar, sailing and wind-surfing. Tom is also a multi-record holder for the Cal Football team, including longest field goal (against the dreaded Stanford)!

andy-boyum Andy Boyum Director of Asset Management

Andy Boyum, Director of Asset Management

Andy brings years of real estate experience to the Roofstock team, having most recently been the Director of Asset Management at HomeUnion, where he was responsible for all construction, marketing, leasing, property management and disposition activities. Prior to HomeUnion, Andy worked in multiple capacities at Colony Starwood Homes, overseeing Acquisitions and Operations in the California region, and then later directing the National Disposition channel. As a SoCal native, his sporting allegiances still lie with his hometown teams (“go UCLA, Dodgers, Lakers, and Rams” – says Andy), but we’re actively working to fix that.

Greg Beasley - Roofstock - Strategic Operations Greg Beasley Head of International Operations & Strategy

Greg Beasley, Head of International Operations & Strategy

Greg has over 20 years of experience managing teams, shaking up the status quo, and discovering new ways to delight customers. Prior to joining Roofstock he was CEO of cloud services company Vocalnet, which was successfully acquired; earlier he advised tech and fintech firms in the US, Europe and Asia.  Greg’s insights come despite his degree in computer science from Dartmouth and MBA from Harvard Business School.  Here at Roofstock, Greg is currently developing Roofstock Previews, a program designed to help renters become home owners. In his free time, he loves skiing, extreme travel, making music, politics, and family time.

MLi Ming Li Sr. Software Engineer

Ming Li, Sr. Software Engineer

Ming's speciality is building startups from the ground up. He has that special knack for knowing all the pieces necessary to establish a solid foundation for a company and how to snap them together. This also allows him to play with the latest toys - uh - technologies available. Despite all this, his biggest goal is taking down his brother Jimmy in ping pong.

JLi Jimmy Li Sr. Software Engineer

Jimmy Li, Sr. Software Engineer

Jimmy joined Roofstock having previously worked with Devin, Kerry, and Ming. He brings a passion for software development and brings a craftsmanship that can only be truly appreciated by those who know what all the industry buzzwords like test-driven development and coding patterns mean. When not cranking out code, he dominates the office ping pong table and spends his weekends chasing his family around.

MArmstrong Matt Armstrong Sr. Software Engineer

Matt Armstrong, Sr. Software Engineer

Matt has spent the past 18 years building up his skills at both small startups and large corporations across the bay area. His path has often crossed with Amit, Mark, and Katie over the years, and he's excited to be back on the same path with them again. When not researching the latest technologies and helping build a quality product, he operates - along with his wife - a free shuttle service for their kids.

KSlemmer Katie Slemmer Sr. Software Engineer

Katie Slemmer, Sr. Software Engineer

When she isn’t ferrying her kids around or playing soccer, Katie moonlights as a software engineer. While not technically full-time, being an organized super-mom, Katie gets more done in four hours than most mere mortals do in eight. The BSE in Computer Science from Princeton University helps too. In a previous life, Katie worked at Agilent Technologies and Ingenio. Having started with us expecting a short-term consulting role, we recently reeled Katie in as an employee. Yeah, Katie!

mmcginnis Matt McGinnis Sr. Software Engineer

Matt McGinnis, Sr. Software Engineer

Matt comes to Roofstock after years of consulting for startups in the Bay Area. Passionate about software development using open source tools and creating awesome user experiences, his claim to fame is once having saved Chrysler $10 million with a 100-line perl script. When he's not busy hacking on Roofstock, Matt spends his time strength training and playing guitar and drums.

johnson-michael-crop Johnson Michael Sr. Software Engineer

Johnson Michael, Sr. Software Engineer

With over 17 years of software engineering experience, he has worked with companies across a number of industries, ranging from travel and hospitality to advertising, which includes Emirates Airlines and Hilton Hotels. Beyond coding, his biggest passion is music, specifically playing the drums, while he also has ambitions to learn guitar.

huang-pan Huang Pan Sr. Data Engineer

Huang Pan, Sr. Data Engineer

Huang has a passion for data & FinTech and brings over 20 years of engineering experience with multiple startups in the Silicon Valley. He holds a Master of Financial Engineering from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, as well as engineering degrees from Stanford & Berkeley. In his off time, Huang enjoys traveling, yoga, and martial arts.

RPetty Rebecca Petty Sr. Transaction Manager

Rebecca Petty, Sr. Transaction Manager

After years managing her own real estate brokerage and law practice, Rebecca left the solo gig to become a team member at Roofstock. Her years of practice as a real estate broker and attorney are being leveraged in her role as senior transaction manager. For fun she loves to ski with her family, although she misses the days she could keep up with her children on the slopes!

ini-harrison-crop Ini Harrison Transaction Coordinator

Ini Harrison, Transaction Coordinator

Prior to joining Roofstock, Ini worked at a top performing brokerage in the Bay Area as a Transaction Coordinator. She was able to put her customer experience and process management skills to work and helped close over 30 million dollars in transactions her first year. Outside of the office you can find her scouring travel websites in search of the next best flight deal to try and top her personal record of visiting 13 countries in a single year!

WGunderson Will Gunderson Associate Product Manager

Will Gunderson, Associate Product Manager

Prior to joining Roofstock, Will was a Product Manager at Starwood Waypoint (SWAY) specializing in dispositions. During his time with SWAY he led the effort to build a platform to help monitor the sale and performance of over 600 homes. Will is currently working to streamline and automate certification and pricing of homes for the site, while wearing many different hats for the company. He cannot quite compete on the ping pong table, but as former captain of the Stanford swim team and Olympic hopeful, spends most of his athletic time in the pool, where the rest of us certainly can’t compete!

DJ DJ Fiore Economic Analyst

DJ Fiore, Economic Analyst

Having been put to work at the age of 15 in his family’s appraisal firm, DJ’s second language is residential valuation. He has more than 10 years of experience in valuation, from his time as an Independent-Fee Appraiser for Pinnacle Valuation Group, Ltd. and a Valuation Analyst for LendingHome Funding Corp. Leveraging his professional experience with an educational background in spatial statistics, he provides a unique insight into understanding the “whys” that drive markets. As a native Chicagoan, the most important question he is trying to answer is where one can find a real Chicago-style hot dog in the Bay Area.

nelson-hernandez-crop Nelson Hernandez Lead Designer

Nelson Hernandez, Lead Designer

Nelson is the lead product designer here at Roofstock. He brings over 15 years of experience in the areas of UX and visual design. Before joining Roofstock, Nelson had the opportunity to work and consult for Healthline Media, Inc., MyPoints.com, Tippett VFX Studio, Design Reactor and Cisco, just to name a few. Outside work, Nelson enjoys cycling around the Bay Area, as well as swimming and hiking in beautiful Marin County with his family.

yena-park Yena Park Lead Designer

Yena Park, Lead Designer

With a strong background in User Experience and Product Design, Yena joins the team to enhance the customer experience. Prior to joining Roofstock, she was involved in several exciting startups, most notably as an early hire at Chartboost as their sole Product Designer. Yena shares both her love of animals and cooking with the rest of the team by bringing her dog Kaya into the office regularly, along with the occasional Korean dish for everyone to enjoy.

ARTEM 2 Artem Skripka Sr. Product Manager

Artem Skripka, Sr. Product Manager

Passionate about building delightful and user-centric products, Artem brings to the Roofstock Product team diverse expertise in real estate, banking, and fin-tech, from his time at various Wall Street and Silicon Valley based companies. In his spare time, you can find him hiking nearby trails (often with his dog) or obsessing over the latest startup news.

evren-simsek Evren Simsek Product Manager

Evren Simsek, Product Manager

Prior to joining Roofstock, Evy worked at J.P. Morgan, focused on Investment Management products while also helping a local startup to disrupt the New York City rental market. Evy was a coxswain on the rowing team during her college days at Worcester Polytechnic Institute which gained her the nickname Turkish Torpedo. In her spare time, you can find her running by Lake Merritt, attending First Fridays and other cultural events in Oakland.

Krystyna Krystyna Singleton Quality Control Analyst

Krystyna Singleton, Quality Control Analyst

Krystyna has always had a knack for computers and technology, So it's no surprise that she majored in Multimedia Production and followed that with an intensive Web Development program. Combined with her interest in real-estate, she found herself a home at Roofstock. While she loves the Bay Area start-up vibe, she keeps it a little LA by skateboarding to work. And when she's not rolling in, she hits the ground traveling and exploring the world and the great outdoors.

andrew-bilen-crop Andrew Bilen Strategic Initiative Analyst

Andrew Bilen, Strategic Initiative Analyst

Andrew was brought on board the business development team to apply his background in marketing and e-commerce to exploring new projects and avenues for growth. Having previously worked for an indie record label, he brings his experience working in a scrappy start-up style environment to his role at Roofstock. He still has the music bug which means much of his free time is spent exploring the Bay Area's vibrant music scene. He can most often be found in the office listening to his headphones at higher than normal volume levels. Andrew attended University of Michigan and completed his degree in Communication at SUNY Buffalo.

lily-qiu Lily Qiu Data Science Intern

Lily Qiu, Data Science Intern

With a degree in Mathematics and Economics from UCLA, Lily specializes in computing and is supporting Roofstock’s Data Science team. She will be heading to Harvard to begin her Master’s Degree in Computational Science and Engineering this fall. In her spare time she enjoys practicing the fine art of Chinese calligraphy.

BoBeasley Bode Beasley Office Mascot/Director of Training

Bode Beasley, Office Mascot/Director of Training

Bode brings over five years of experience in the canine services industry. His expertise in chasing after his tennis ball, tirelessly begging for food, playing tug-of-war during meetings and taking long afternoon naps in the sun is unmatched. As our de-facto Director of Training, he is starting with attempting to train the team not to leave any food unattended in the kitchen or on their desks (or even think about putting anything edible in their waste baskets). Success so far, frankly, has been mixed!

Meet Our Board of Directors

GWatson Gregor Watson Roofstock Chairman

Gregor Watson, Roofstock Chairman

Gregor is a serial entrepreneur who most recently founded two companies in the Single-Family Rental space. 643 Capital and Dwell Finance. Gregor is considered one of the early pioneers of the Single-Family Rental space, raising some of the first institutional capital in the sector. Having played collegiate baseball earlier in life he is always an early pick for company softball games, and is a stylish (if not always effective) ping pong player. Bonus points to anyone who gets the “643” reference.

DWeiden David Weiden Khosla Ventures

David Weiden, Khosla Ventures

David is a partner at Khosla Ventures, where he focuses on Internet software and services. A number of his investments have led to significant acquisitions or achieved initial public offerings including Climate Corporation [acquired by Monsanto], OnDeck Capital [NYSE ONDK], RingCentral [NYSE: RNG], Yammer [acquired by MSFT] and YuMe [NYSE: YUME].

MHarris Matt Harris Bain Capital Ventures

Matt Harris, Bain Capital Ventures

Matt is based in New York City and focuses on investments in financial technology and services. He sees a huge amount of revenue, profit and market cap shifting from regulated financial institutions to entrepreneur-led insurgents, across payments, lending, capital markets and insurance.

will-kohler lightspeed venture partners Will Kohler Lightspeed Venture Partners

Will Kohler, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Will joined Lightspeed in 2014 and focuses on investments in the areas of SaaS solutions, enterprise IT, and cloud-based services and applications. Will has over 10 years of venture capital experience and before entering venture capital he co-founded and was an Operations Manager at Pointe Communications (d/b/a PointeCom), a facilities-based Integrated Communications Provider that grew to over $40 million in annual revenues and was later acquired.

GaBeasley Gary Beasley Roofstock CEO

Gary Beasley, Roofstock CEO

Gary has spent most of his career building businesses in the real estate, hospitality, and tech sectors. Immediately before Roofstock Gary was co-CEO of Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust (NYSE: SWAY), one of the leading Single-Family Rental companies in the US. In addition to striving to build great companies, he enjoys skiing with his family, running with his golden retriever (and office mascot) Bode, and trying not to break any bones while mountain biking.

These Are Our Investors

khosla bain-ventures-logo Lightspeed Venture Partners nyca qed csc-upshot greywolf Marc Benioff

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