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Rental home investments for as low as $5,000

Buy shares of an individual rental home

Passive income without operating responsibilities

Diversify across multiple homes and locations

The Roofstock One Advantage

Simplified Ownership

Own shares of individual rental homes
Fully passive - we manage everything
You decide when to sell

Full-Service Management

Professional, in-house property and asset management
No time required from investor for operations after closing
Built-in financing and insurance

Investment Economics

Potential net rental income (after expenses), appreciation and tax benefits
Low minimum investment
Diversification with less capital

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U.S. Single-Family Rental Homes: A Unique Investment Opportunity

$4 Trillion

Aggregate SFR
Market Value


Current SFRs
in the US


Estimated New Rental Households by 2030

Even during the 2008 housing crisis when home prices plummeted, SFR rent growth moderated but never turned negative—then picked up again.

Market Snapshot Sources: Green Street Advisors, Single Family Rental Primer 2016
Median market rent for homes on the open market with new leases; © John Burns Real Estate Consulting

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