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Boost your revenue

Retain more management contracts. 100% of Roofstock buyers are investors, and 85-90% stay with the current property manager.

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A majority of Roofstock investors buy remotely. They need trusted local property managers, and we’ll refer them directly to you.

Build recognition

Increase brand visibility as a certified partner on, which is visited by tens of thousands of buyers each week.


  • How does Roofstock partner with property management firms?
  • Does it cost money to get certified by Roofstock?
  • What factors are evaluated during the certification process?
  • What are Roofstock’s expectation for its Certified Property Managers?
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Roofstock’s mission is to enable real estate investors to purchase and own single-family rental properties with transparency and efficiency, no matter where they live. This is why we partner with top local property managers who empower our buyers to separate owning from operations. As a Roofstock Certified Property Manager, we’ll connect you with a steady stream of Roofstock clients once they are in escrow. Should that buyer choose to work with your company, they contract directly with you—and you’re off to the races!

Become a Roofstock Certified Property Manager

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